Success Stories


Innovate UK Young Innovators Award Winner

Hear from an inspiring group of Innovate UK Young Innovators Award Winners. Lily Elsner of Jack Fertility, Yusuf Ben-Tarifite of The Aspiring Medics, Samuel Munday of Data Revival, Surya Veratharajan of Yosanie and Orlando Ely, Blossom.explain their journey and how Innovate UK EDGE is supporting their business growth

Agrigum International

Hear from Agrigum International how Innovate UK EDGE have supported their innovation and growth journey, developing Gum Acacia products and applications.


Autsera produce personalised early intervention game apps to help autistic children and children with special needs develop social communication skills. Founders Inas Ismail and Omar Massoud talk about their business and the growth support by Innovate UK EDGE specialist Angela Spenley, who has helped them win Innovate UK Inclusive and Women in Innovation Awards.

Anakata Wind Power

Anakata Wind Power Resources Founder Ben Wood and Innovate UK EDGE Specialist Craig Gordon discuss how funded innovation and growth support has helped the business to grow. Among the results of the programme, Anakata was able to form a joint venture in China with suitable partners to develop their technology and produce a lot more power from existing wind turbines in the UK and EU.

Change My Face

Change My Face build AI powered face ageing technology that encourages individuals towards better physical, mental and financial wellbeing. Founder & CEO Auriole Prince talks about her growing business and our support in winning the Innovate UK’s Inclusive Innovation Award & Women in Innovation award.

Deep Planet

Deep Planet CEO & Co-Founder Sushma Shankar, Co-Founder David Carter, Commercial Director Christopher Pang, and Innovate UK EDGE Specialist Eileen Modral discuss how funded innovation and growth support has helped the business increase turnover and headcount. Deep Planet have also grown internationally through initiatives such as the Australia Agri-tech focused Global Business Innovation Programme.

Absolar Solutions

Absolar is unlocking solar power for millions. Using advanced technologies, it determines if a roof is suitable for solar PV panels. Changing mindsets helped Absolar deliver on solar pledges and an annual doubling of growth.

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Barter For Things

B4T uses the internet of things (IoT) to create devices that save resources and improve the environment in the air, horticulture, maritime and water Sectors; Turning a £5k grant into a £350k project in four environmentally sustainable steps.

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Drug discover business, Arctoris, applies automation to accelerate the process and improve success rates. With support from Innovate UK EDGE they have raised £millions in funding and increased headcount significantly.

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Akrivia Health

Akrivia Health Chief Executive Office Mike Denis, Chief Operation Officer David Newton, and Innovate UK EDGE Specialist Craig Gordon explain how funded innovation and growth support has helped the business to high growth turnover and headcount. Akrivia have also grown internationally through initiatives such as the China Precision Medicine Global Business Innovation Programme.

The Electrospinning Company

Working with The Electrospinning Company since 2018, we have seen them move from an incubation facility into their own building and having different support needs as they grew.

Ecomar Propulsion

Ecomar Propulsion Managing Director Eugene Bari and Innovate UK EDGE Specialist Lukasz Liebersbach explain how funded innovation and growth support has helped the business to exponential growth in turnover with the headcount more than quadrupling in the last year. In less than three years, Ecomar has gone from building prototypes in a shipping container to having its own, fully fledged 5,000-square-foot workshop.


Pixsellar CEO Dr Sepi Chakaveh and Innovate UK EDGE Specialist Bita Najafi explain how funded innovation and growth support has helped the business to develop and expand internationally

Perspectum Diagnostics

Innovate UK EDGE assisted in grant applications which was successful in winning €3.4million of funding to help with international adoption of the LiverMultiScan.


In order to scale production, the company needed more cash, a winning strategy and help with managing its Intellectual Property.

Oxford nanoSystems

As a result of coaching, Oxford nanoSystems has seen an increased headcount from 3 to 16 employees, with a structure in place to actively manage its intellectual property. Overall there has been a remarkable shift from a ‘state of owning technology’ to a scaling business with customers.

The Land App

Coaching recommended that the senior management team attends a ‘Design Thinking Workshop’. Innovation & growth specialist, Lukasz Liebersbach facilitated the workshop which introduced the company to the principles of human centred design.

Deltex Medical

Coaching outcomes from Innovate UK EDGE have resulted in winning two grant bids from Innovate UK and EU H2020 totalling £500k.


Numerous Networks

Numerous Networks

With Innovate UK EDGE, having people who understand innovators and the journey they're on, being able to easily spot the traps and pitfalls innovators get themselves into, is critical. Absolutely critical. Read more