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Explore and exploit the collaboration, growth and innovation opportunities that exist in a specific business market.
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Global Business Innovation Programme

Focusing on Hydrogen, Germany

Innovate UK is inviting ambitious and innovative UK companies to participate in the Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP).

Application closing date: 01/05/2024

Applications now closed

Applications are now closed for this GBIP

Watch the online Applicant Briefing to hear direct from the GBIP organisers, learn more about the opportunities the GBIP will offer and how to apply.

The GBIP consists of a preparation phase, a six-day innovation visit focused on hydrogen technologies, a post-visit exploitation workshop and support from an Innovate UK Innovation and Growth specialist.

The programme is designed to help your business maximise the opportunities identified, including developing innovation projects with partners in Germany.

Innovate UK is committed to improving the diversity of who we support. As such, we welcome applications from under-represented groups.

Why Germany?

There has been a huge push to understand the role hydrogen can play in decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors. As a result, many nations are investing heavily in the innovation and deployment of hydrogen technologies. Germany was quick to establish itself as a world leader in this space by developing a tangible and practical hydrogen strategy that has been supported with major public sector investment. 

The UK has a long history of innovation in hydrogen technologies and our government is also working to incentivise hydrogen deployment. The purpose of this GBIP is to facilitate collaboration between UK and German organisations, as companies in both nations have developed promising solutions to support value chain development and integration.

This GBIP will also play a role in progressing the recent agreement made between Germany and UK to further advance hydrogen developments, helping companies involved to identify ongoing business opportunities associated with this agreement.

Focus Areas

This GBIP is looking for SMEs that focus on delivering hydrogen solutions including:

Hydrogen use solutions:*

  • HGVs, marine and public transport and the associated infrastructure
  • Small-medium scale industrial hydrogen applications (particularly those that can be scaled)
  • Any other use-case that can justifiably support a small-medium and/or non-industrial cluster (including those that may not have been explored thus far)

Hydrogen production solutions:*

  • Renewable hydrogen
  • Hydrogen with CCS
  • Hydrogen from nuclear
  • Hydrogen from BECCS

Storage and distribution solutions:*

  • Technologies that can integrate with others as more are deployed in the local vicinity
  • Approaches to repurposing hydrogen infrastructure in a modular way


  • Manufacturing processes
  • Upskilling and reskilling

* in the context of a small-medium scale cluster and/or a non-industrial cluster


  • Explore opportunities for hydrogen collaboration in Germany
  • Visit The Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe in Hamburg with opportunities to participate
  • Get a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Germany
  • Find potential innovation collaborators and partners and develop your network in the UK and globally
  • Improve your company value proposition to international partners and investors
  • Meet funding bodies from Germany and explore potential for funded innovation collaboration projects

Key Dates

Application briefing: 27th March 2024
Closing date for application: 1st May 2024
Pre-visit briefing workshop: 12th – 13th September 2024
Innovation visit: 20th – 25th October 2024
Post-visit exploitation workshop: 22nd January 2025


Innovation Visit - Example Itinerary (Subject to change)
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Useful information

Leading the visit
Rocky Moore

Rocky is an Innovation & Growth Specialist and has been supporting SME growth for many years.

Craig Gordon

Craig is an environmental scientist with seven years’ experience assisting innovative technologies break into new markets. His main areas of expertise centre around the engineering and science disciplines, specifically those with environmental aspects.

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Applications now closed