Craig Gordon

Global Programme Manager

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Craig helps SMEs in the South East of the UK identify their barriers to growth. This then leads to Craig working closely with the SMEs to identify the right coaching they require to grow effectively.

Craig is an environmental scientist with seven years’ experience assisting innovate technologies break into new markets. He has worked closely with some of the world’s largest utilities, including water companies in the UK, to bridge the gap between SMEs and large end users. His main areas of expertise centre around the engineering and science disciplines, specifically those with environmental aspects.

Craig is part of the EEN Environment Sector Group, which is responsible for helping innovative environmental technologies find new opportunities in Europe. This could take the form of partnerships with other European companies, such as technology exchanges or bringing innovative companies together, or help in building Horizon 2020 consortia for environment-based projects. His background in working with start-ups and pre-commercial engineering companies allows his to effectively speak to SMEs about their development aspirations and how they can take advantage of the single EU marketplace.

He joined Oxford Innovation in January 2015 as an Innovate Specialist, beforehand working for a specialist SME that helps water companies find and evaluate innovate technologies that either improve performance or reduce operating costs.
Craig has a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of Stirling.