Oxford Innovation Advice-Bita Najafi

Bita Najafi

Global Delivery Lead

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Bita is a Medical Scientist with extensive experience is setting up, running and growing businesses. She has previously co-founded and managed successful chains of businesses and worked in both the B2C and B2B sector within medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare and publishing. She has worked nationally and internationally with clients over 5 continents helping them grow and achieve their business objectives. She has invested in early stage companies and is familiar with the challenges they face. Bita’s specialism are strategic business planning and development, product assessment and market opportunities, sales and marketing plus leadership development. She holds a Master Degree in Medical Molecular Biology and MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy. She is a NLP practitioner and qualified in a range of widely used psychometric tools used in organisational change management. She joined Oxford Innovation in January 2021 to help SMEs in the South East of the UK identify their barrier’s to growth and to deliver business coaching programmes supporting growth and internationalisation.